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  The following illustrations are either expressed through coupling or part of the ‘Dinner Party Project’.  The Dinner Party (1979) by Judy Chicago is an installation of a triangular table with elaborate place settings that symbolically depict mythical and historical women.  In her own words: “The Dinner Party visually describes the historic struggle of women to participate in all aspects of society; its aim is to end the ongoing cycle of omission in which women’s hard-earned achievements are repeatedly written out of the historic record.” Each plate depicts a brightly colored, elaborately styled vulva form. Chicago’s work entails exclusively AFAB people, most of them noble or upper-class, only one POC and none non-binary, even though the installation took place in the ’70s and is considered to be the first feminist work of art. Denouncing the vagina as a symbol of womanhood, I illustrate each woman of the party, as well as inviting to the table more presenting female people that inspire me.
  They come in  21,00 x 21,00 cm ‘Photo Luster’ Fine Art Epson Giclée Prints, on high-quality inkjet paper of 250 gr.

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