Àpatris Headpiece

mesh scarf | 85 cm x 50 cm, screen & objets trouvés

Àpatris Headpiece, 2022, Maria Foka

85 cm x 50 cm, screen & objets trouvés

Wearer: Maria Foka | Photographer: Athina Feidaki

The àpatris headpiece reinterprets the cultural, religious, and practical practices of head covering, by stripping away the symbolisms that have been shaped through a collection of native or allogenic myths. Simple and visceral and/or complex and pretentious, without them we struggle to define a new form of identity, a personalized way of existing as monads in a hetero-defined, brimful-of-meaning reality. Adorned with an epic clutter of objets trouvés, the àpatris headpiece creates a tailored tale through performativity, acceptance, and rejection.

All pieces are handmade and available for purchase or rent. For any inquiries please get in touch.