Àpatris Headpiece

Àpatris Headpiece, 2022, Maria Foka

85 cm x 50 cm, screen & objets trouvés

Wearer: Maria Foka | Photographer: Athina Feidaki

NOT, NOT WEARABLES collection, 2022

This collection of wearable sculptures teases the impossibility of all things wearable. Referencing garments with historic significance, it constitutes a statement of admiration and irony towards the symbiosis of organic and inorganic and the cyborg, chimeric system that is created through their performativity.

The elaboration of these machines occurred with the purpose of rendering the body a malleable and ever-changing sculpture. The materiality of these machines consists mainly of objets trouvés, building materials, and fabric, heavily sur measure but at the same time infused with a palpable feeling of not-quite-right. They are presented worn and they are ready-to-wear, but, not really wearable.

All pieces are handmade and available for purchase or rent. For any inquiries please get in touch.