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A benchmark is a standard, or a set of standards, used as a point of reference by which performance or level of quality may be measured, compared or judged.

The Benchmark is a single point – a moment of wonder and awe. To the theist, a psychotic break. To the user, a trip. To the scientific rationalist, a discovery that blows you away in its profundity. Either way, it is a moment worth preserving and rarely anticipated in life. The struggle of searching those moments beautifully exhausting, but when one succeeds the reward is breath-taking.


  I am Maria Foka, a fashion artist with a degree in Architecture, based in Athens. My practice revolves around fashion philosophy, wearable design, bodily reflections through the body-machine amalgam and the narratives emerging from the dialogues between the biological and the social self through everyday practices. I consider the notion of chimera and the mythic beings that we all are and we all embody through the prolific act of clothing as proactive; that is why I begin my studies from within, using my own pathologies and mythologies as the benchmark. I examine the world through my self and my body, history through experience, presenting through the performance of seemingly trivial fragments. I use the medium of collage in its every form – through semantics and design –  when I create body-machines, when I compose digital artworks, when I write and when I get dressed every morning.