A benchmark is a standard, or a set of standards, used as a point of reference by which performance or level of quality may be measured, compared or judged.
THE benchmark is a single point – a moment of wonder and awe. To the theist, a psychotic break. To the user, a trip. To the scientific rationalist, a discovery that blows you away in its profundity. Either way, it is a moment worth preserving and rarely anticipated in life. The struggle of searching those moments in one’s journey in life is what it’s all about. But when one succeeds the reward is breath-taking. So shouldn’t we all try as hard as we can to find these moments? Shouldn’t we all look at every new thing that crosses our way as a a possible benchmark? Shouldn’t we give the opportunity to all these new experiences that this era provides us with, to be truthfully estimated and deeply understood by us? Even without the desired outcome, this attitude in life has much more to give than we could ever imagine.


Often, we need nothing more but the image, as the benchmark of our thoughts, our perception of reality and our aesthetics.
Our first reaction to the sight of anything is the visual analysis, in the spontaneous, instinctual way. These first fractions of a second create an indisputable, and perhaps the most powerful relationship between observer and spectacle. This is because the former examines and analyzes the data of the latter by judging them based on his personal experiences, impressions, and references. Thus, the spectacle is a mirror, the observer’s footprint on it.

On this blog I want to examine how I perceive the images that come my way, emphasizing on the clothing piece, in an effort – among other things – to comprehend my aesthetics in depth, to share and express a piece of myself and encourage readers to do the same. My goal is to shift the notion of superficiality away from clothing and instead analyze it based on social, political, cultural and other criteria, which is really challenging, but it’s also what fascinates me the most.

This is because in an industry – like fashion – where the content is often dominated by the image, it is important to have critical thinking and to filter the spate of information we receive, to protect ourselves from being the prey and to create with sincerity.


My name is Maria Foka and I am from Athens, Greece. I am a budding architect interested in bodily representations of everything. I am a body-machine creator in the making and thinker of what is skin, mechanized body and anything extra to it.