A benchmark is a standard, or a set of standards, used as a point of reference by which performance or level of quality may be measured, compared or judged.


THE benchmark is a single point – a moment of wonder and awe. To the theist, a psychotic break. To the user, a trip. To the scientific rationalist, a discovery that blows you away in its profundity. Either way, it is a moment worth preserving and rarely anticipated in life. The struggle of searching those moments beautifully exhausting, but when one succeeds the reward is breath-taking.


We need nothing but the image, really any sort of visual stimuli, as the benchmark of our thoughts, our perception of reality and our aesthetics. These first fractions of a second create an indisputable, animalistic relationship between observer and spectacle. The spectacle is a mirror, the observer’s footprint on it. Fashion for me is not merely clothes – it’s a beautiful fraud, it’s a tool, a language, that I want to devour from beginning to end. This blog indulges into multiple aspects of fashion – from sociopolitical analysis, critical outburst, connotative composing, to pure admiration. Through a medley of mediums I attempt to express myself and create freely.


My name is Maria Foka and I am an artist with a degree in architecture, currently living in Athens, Greece.  I identify first and foremost as a fashion philosopher with an lust for wearable design, bodily representations through clothing and expressions of physicality. I am a body-machine creator in the making and thinker of what is skin, mechanized body and anything extra to it. I enjoy writing about fashion and anything related to it – which is actually everything.